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We do not require that you pre-register but it is helpful for us to know you are coming! You can sign up here through the website or through the Mind Body Connect app on your iPhone or Android device.  These are convenient ways to see the schedule, book class, and to see our rates.  Even if you pre-register, we ask that you arrive early to get signed in and settle into a spot in class. 

We offer kids yoga programs from time to time and family yoga but not regularly.  We allow minors 13 and over in our adult classes with a signed waiver from the parent/guardian.  We need to ensure that all yoga students are safe for their developmental stage with regard to their body and brain. 

  • A warm welcome to you!  Here are some things you should know if you are visiting us for the first time:
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to register for class and fill out paperwork.  Occasionally we lock our doors if no one is in reception when class starts, so please try to arrive early. Late comers may not be permitted
  • Come well-hydrated
  • Outdoor shoes not permitted beyond foyer area
  • Please no perfume (others may be sensitive)
  • Best not to eat before class
  • Leave valuables at home
  • No cell phone usage beyond reception area
  • Keep voices low and conversations to a minimum in studio rooms
  • Observe silence in studio rooms, whisper if need be
  • Stay for Savasana! if leaving early, slip out quietly
  • Leave studio mats out so we can disinfect
  • Fold blankets and put props away 
  • Drink more water! Feed your body protein, vitamins, and minerals
  • It is good karma to thank your teacher

Should I reserve a spot or call ahead?

Studio Etiquette 

Can I bring my child to class with me?

Congratulations!  We are honored you chose us to guide you.  We are a friendly, warm and strive to make EVERYONE feel welcome.   Please let the instructor or reception know of any injuries, limitations or concerns you may have so we can help you stay safe. Feel free to call us if you would like advice on which classes to begin with.  In general, our beginner and foundations classes are a good place to start. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring water with you (not in glass containers).  Take a look at the studio etiquette above to familiarize yourself with the studio do's and don'ts.  Lastly, try different classes and different teachers!  One size does not fit all, and you may find a different style or teacher that suits you.  Experiment!

We do not allow new students into class late. The teacher will want to get to know you first and we need to pre-register you.  If you are an existing student and running late, please call ahead at (732) 600-8030 to let us know so that we can leave the door open for you.

This is my first Class, what should I know?

Will the instructor be doing hands-on assists?

Many of our instructors offer verbal cues and will walk around the room.  You can request assistance at any time.  If the instructor approaches you to offer hands-on assistance, they will always ask your permission first.  If you prefer no assistance, please let reception or the teacher know ahead of time.  We will always be respectful and mindful of your space.

I'm not flexible.

What if I am late?

Which is why you do yoga!!  Increased flexibility is one of the many wonderful benefits of practicing yoga, although not the end goal.  Our instructors are excellent and will help you modify with verbal cues or props so the pose fits you!  

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