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Shukie has been practicing yoga since 2007. Yoga has helped her when she used to be a Bollywood dancer and continues to help her today as she practices being a martial artist. She practiced mostly Yin Yoga in her days as a dancing performer in NYC and mostly practiced Restorative Yoga when anxiety took over her life during college. That lead to her discovery of Strala Yoga at a time in her life when she was facing depression. This style of yoga, which combines movement forms of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and traditional Chinese and Japanese Medicine, taught her to be easy with herself. Her goal is to bring this ease to all the classes she leads so that others can be easy with themselves as well. She likes to combine her favorite styles of yoga in her classes focusing on themes that can help students in different ways (anxiety, hip opening, etc...) along with different breathing techniques and meditation. She believes that anyone can practice yoga and meditation and hopes to spread this awareness through her teachings.